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This tutorial currently contains 25 lessons and nearly 6 hours of video content.
Plus additional copyright free, high quality reference photos
you can use to practice all you learn.
Click below to see some of the techniques and concepts you'll learn
Check out my drawings of the finished projects below:

This is my finished drawing of a 
Dachshund Puppy!

After learning and practicing the techniques needed to create this fur texture, you'll follow along with the step by step demonstration.

Learn all of the techniques I used to draw this fluffy cat on a dark background.

Drawing white fur against a contrasting background can make your subject pop off the page. I show you exactly how I create a smooth, jet black background that will really make this cat come to life. Not literally... he won't scratch your furniture.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw long black fur. 

This striking subject contains both extremely dark and light values as well as a variety of textures. The techniques and approach I demonstrate here is quite different than the other two portraits and will serve you well for future drawings of darker animals.

Spotted Fur

In this lesson, you'll get all you need to know about rendering dark spots on lighter colored fur, like this Dalmatian. Many wild animals have this type of fur - either in stripes or spots. Although this isn't a start to finish tutorial, when you combine these techniques with what you learn in the others lessons, you'll know how to render any patterned fur.

Lesson Content

    These first six lessons give you all the techniques and concepts you will need successfully complete the subjects:

    Animal Fur vs Human Hair - Everything you need to know about the differences between rendering human hair and animal fur.
    Plus - The major mistakes many artists are making that keep it from looking realistic.

    Getting the Most From Reference Photos - Learn some tricks of the trade to turn bad reference photos into good ones
    Plus - The free tool you can use if you don't have Photoshop.

    Choosing the Best Paper - The paper you choose to draw on will have more impact on the outcome of your drawing than anything else.
    Plus - Learn how to analyze your subject to help you choose the best paper for the job.

    Indenting: - Learn this technique and the tools I use that magically creates a realistic looking fur texture.
    Plus - How to practice this to insure it is successful on your drawing.

    Eraser Pen: - We don't add white with a pencil so you'll learn how to use this for creating white hairs and highlights.
    Plus - Where this technique will work and where it won't.

    Frisket: - Create more depth by adding this new technique, coupled with the techniques from the previous two lessons.
    Plus - Alternative methods if you don't have access to frisket.


    Subject 1: Dachshund / Short Fur - Combine all the techniques leaned in the first 6 lessons and begin this drawing.
    10 lessons take you from the basic outline to the final touches!

    Subject 2: White Cat on Dark Background:
    A three part series of lessons teaching all the techniques and steps you need to know to render soft white fur with a dark background.

    Subject 3: Black Dog with Longer Fur on White Background.
    Follow along to learn how to draw this subject with amazing texture and contrast.

    Subject 4: Spotted Fur / Dark spots against lighter fur

    Lesson - Dark Spots Next to Light Fur: I show how to render dark spots on white fur. This technique can be used to draw all types of spotted and striped animals!

    Extra Reference Photos: I have added new high quality reference photos for you to use to practice everything you've learned!

    A Few Testimonials From Happy Pencil Artists

    This new Fur Tutorial is a masterpiece! I have tried to draw countless cats and dogs and they always come out terrible. Now I know why. I've spent (wasted) a lot of money on other tutorials, but JD's are the best. I bought 3 other JDH tutorials in the past few months (Realistic Drawing with light & texture, realistic hair and realist portraits) and they are outstanding. No surprise, this fur tutorial is also amazing. I consider myself to be on the cusp of beginner to early intermediate. Between this tutorial and the others, I feel like I have jumped a whole level in just a few months. If you have any interest in drawing cats or dogs--or anything with fur-- this one is a must.
    Jeff D.

    I highly recommend this, have learned so much! JD is an fabulous teacher!
    Kathy S.

    OMG, this new Fur Tutorial is outstanding!! There is nothing out there like it.  I have always wanted to draw cats and dogs (my own and for friends), but I just couldn't get the fur right. I feel like I have a lot more confidence now because there are so many excellent tips and techniques.  If you use the materials and follow along, you can't go wrong.  (The video on how to use photo apps to make the most of images is outstanding in itself.)  Plus there's a great forum where you can get some feedback.  I'm working on drawing my cat now.
    Highly recommend this one!
    Jeff C

    Learning from you has been such a blessing to me. Thank you!
    Carol M.

    I have taken numerous art classes and lessons as a hobbyist - never a serious vocational student - and I have also held a job where I had to review thousands of applications for employment in a large number of work areas, beginner to senior level employment. It may sound like an odd comparison, but those experiences - exposure to different efforts at teaching and exposure to a huge array of talents at expression where only an extremely small number in either field exhibit rare genius - only heightens my admiration of the work you have produced in your tutorials, your in-person instruction and especially this tutorial.
    Kudos. Keep it up.
    Rod S.

    Here are some drawings students have shared on the Drawing Forum after going through these lessons. I am so impressed!!

    Gail's Dark Fur Drawing

    Jon did this one on his own after going through the lessons.

    Helen's Dachshund Puppy

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