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Realistic Fur

This is my newest, most extensive tutorial to date. You'll learn everything I know about drawing realistic fur. It currently includes 21 lessons with over 5 hours of content with more to come! Reference photos and photos of my finished drawings are included. Plus, you'll get additional high quality references photos to work from.

Realistic Drawing with Light, Texture, and Contrast

This tutorial will teach you the most important aspects of realistic drawing. I highly recommend you start with this one. The techniques and concepts learned here will will get you prepared for all the other tutorials.

Photo from the live drawing workshop "Drawing with Light, Texture, and Contrast". In this example, I'm explaining the areas of light and shadow on a portrait.

Realistic Portrait

You follow along at your own pace and complete this realistic portrait. I'll take you step by step through many different ways of getting the proportions down on the paper accurately, all the way to putting on the finishing touches to make the eyes sparkle. The techniques you learn here will make all your future portraits "pop".

Realistic Hair

This tutorial contains 9 lessons and nearly 3 hours of videos.You'll start off watching and following along as I demonstrate the basic technique of creating realistic hair.  There are step-by-step lessons which contain PDFs of not only the reference photos, but also of my finished drawings.


Realistic Eye

Watch and follow along as I give detailed explanations of all the techniques necessary for you to complete this drawing using only the General's 9xxb Graphite pencil, along with my blending techniques. In case you didn't know, this special pencil allows you to get extremely dark values, without the dreaded graphite shine.

Trompe L'oeil Demo

This is the kind of work I'm most known
for, and now you can get a ringside seat to watch me demonstrate and explain how I render everything from the smooth, dark background to the final touches on the masking tape.

Author of the best selling "Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil",
JD Hillberry's work and techniques have also been featured in numerous publications including:

Comments From Students Who Purchased These Tutorials

I recently bought two of JD Hillberry's tutorials. He is the 3rd online artist I've purchased from in the past 3 years or so. To anyone who is considering who to go with, consider this..... JD Hillberry's tutorials are like comparing a community college to Harvard University. They are SO detailed and SO well-explained. They are packed with practical tips. What I like most is that there's no wasted time. Every minute is meaningful.

Unfortunately, I blew a lot of money on other sites before I found his, but I will be buying them from in the future. There's no way I could attend a live session due to the distance, but the videos are more than adequate.
Jeff C

“I purchased your new Portrait Drawing Tutorial and I just love it! I am amazed at the amount of detail you cover in this demo. Also, I really enjoyed taking your Smooth Skin Portrait Workshop in Austin Texas. Please notify me of all live workshop opportunities.”
“I would just like to say what a superb set of courses J D Hillberry has produced and made available to “The Internet World” this is a fantastic way to learn not only realistic photo realistic drawing but will help in all forms of art. And all at a very affordable price! I look forward for more to come and to help me progress even further.”
“Without a doubt JD Hillberry is tops in his field of art instruction—precision drawing! He takes this terrifyingly complex art form and breaks it down into understandable steps that seem possible after all (well, with a bit of practice!).  He does this with his constant verbal explanations along with clear instructions on what instrument to use at each step and how to use it with the best effect. His repetition of instruction plants the knowledge in the student’s brain without it feeling redundant. I had been aware of this artist’s talent for several years but had hesitated about investing in his classes.  That was a waste of time!  I’ve purchased two classes and will definitely purchase more.  Thank you, JD!”
“For the aspiring pencil artist, there can be no better starting point than to begin with a thorough introduction to the tools, papers, and best techniques in the field of modern pencil art.  JD Hillberry's online courses and workshop series represent the very best introduction to modern pencil art available today. With a grace and ease of a master teacher, Mr Hillberry's online courses walk you through all the necessary steps for the online student to succeed at a given project, all the while building a skills tool box that will serve the student well in future pencil art project.  And, if you take the time to attend one of the workshops, you will receive the personal attention that will guarantee advancement of the skills needed to succeed in pencil art. I can't recommend Mr Hillberry's courses too highly."

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