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This is an example of my
finished drawing in the

Drawing Light Curly Hair Lesson

You'll print out the full size reference photo (on 8 1/2 x 11 paper), and follow along with the step by step demonstration of how I drew this image.

This is a student's drawing.
Vivi from Denmark completed this
after going through the Overlapping Hair Lesson.

Drawing hair that has complicated overlapping sections can be difficult. Just like her, you will print out the reference photo and follow along as I take you step by step through the techniques necessary to render this section of overlapping hair.

Once you know the technique, you'll be able to draw any hair that overlaps! 

Some Testimonials

I loved this tutorial and saw an immediate improvement in my own drawings. Unlike some tutorials, JD shows what can go wrong and how to fix it. He explains different options to get the result you are looking for. The instruction is detailed, understandable and easy to apply to your own drawings.

This is an excellent video and a must-have for anyone wanting to improve their skills in realistic drawing. I absolutely love it and use it all the time.

Hello JD! After getting the fur tutorial, I decided to also get the hair tutorial and am so glad I did. Your explantations are incredible and helped me understand a lot better!

Lesson Titles

  • Drawing Hair Fundamentals - You'll start off watching and following along as I demonstrate the basic technique. You'll also learn the biggest mistakes people make while trying to draw hair, and how to avoid them.
  • Seeing the Details - Learn some cool tricks to get the most visual information out of your reference photographs.
  • Hair Outline - Getting the basic shapes of the hair in proportion and on to your paper. See what you need to put in, & what to leave out.
  • Overlapping Hair - Learn how to render some locks and strands of hair in front of others in order to create more depth.
  • Dark Wavy Hair This lessons shows which pencils, blenders, erasers and techniques to you'll need to create dark wavy hair.
  • Light Curly Hair - Varying the technique and tools a bit, here you learn to render lighter colored hair, yet still give it depth and dimension.
  • Braided Hair - Follow along as you learn to weave braids - with your pencils.
  • Hair Against a Dark Background - Learn when, why, and several ways how to render hair against a dark background.
  • African American Hair -This lesson shows you how to create the unique texture for realistic looking African American hair.
  • Each lesson includes reference photos to work from, along with photos of my completed lesson drawings. 

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