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The pencil used in this tutorial is the General's 9xxb. To get it as well as the blending materials and all other recommended drawing tools to complete this drawing click here:
Bonus Pack for Eye Tutorial

Here are a few reviews from people that have purchased this tutorial:

I love this realistic eye video tutorial. It is very detailed and shows step by step what to do. I am in the process now of following it in my studio. I play a section, stop the video, then apply what I've been shown.
Q.V. Las Vegas, NV

Loved the draw the eye video using the 9xxb pencil. Very much looking forward to working with future releases. 2016 will also see me sitting in a classroom with you. Take care,
S. F. Houston, TX

Mr. Hillberry,  I'm really thrilled with the eye tutorial.  It's done wonders towards me realizing more realistic drawing.  I'm looking forward to next next tutorial that is referenced at the end of the eye program.
J.Milwaukee, WI

The video lesson on the 9xxB Eye Drawing was simply FANTASTIC and high quality narration!
These types of narrated lessons (as opposed to those speed drawing videos you see on YouTube which are useless) is EXACTLY what I was hoping that get from you.

Well done Maestro!

I'm looking forward to the next one.  Being so specific about "darkening areas around where you want lighter" and other bits of information really helps me improve my technique.
R. R. Rogers, AR

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