Realistic Portrait
Drawing Guide
That Will Improve Your Drawing Ability In A DAY


Includes Downloadable PDF (print or view on any device). Plus a Video of me demonstrating the techniques and concepts.

Inside you will learn the secrets on how to:

  • Get the initial proportions down correctly so you can insure an accurate likeness of your subject.
  • ​Know exactly how and where to begin rendering the features (starting in the wrong place will ruin your chances for a realistic shading).
  • ​Create highlights in the eyes to give life to the portrait - even if they aren't in your reference photo.
  • ​Compare the initial values on your paper to help you with the rest of the values of the portrait.
  • ​Render realistic looking hair to ensure it doesn't end up being the worst part of your portrait.
One thing I've learned in teaching my Realistic Drawing Workshops is that many pencil artists don't have a comprehensive plan when it comes to drawing a portrait. They're unclear about where to start, what to do next, and most importantly, how to determine the values they should be putting down on the paper when they begin shading.

These concepts are completely separate from drawing techniques, that have to do with which pencil to use where, how to shade, texture, etc. Having a great technique is useless if you don't know when or how to implement it. Without a plan, you can spend hours overworking areas of your drawing until you either damaged the paper or simply give up in frustration.

This 13 page guide has 11 photos that illustrate the same concepts I teach in my drawing workshops. These are the proven strategies that I train my students in so they can create a realistic portrait. The guide also includes a link to a video where I demonstrate each of these steps that are essintial to achieve realism in your portraits!

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