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Inside you will learn the secrets on how to:

  • ​Know exactly how and where to begin rendering the features. (Starting in the wrong place will ruin your chances for a realistic shading.)
  • ​How to use a system to maximize the impact of the eyes, even without seeing detail in your reference photo.  (This will bring life to any portrait.)
  • ​Learn which areas to start shading first. (Get this wrong and you'll waste time and never achieve the correct values.)
  • ​How to compare values on your paper to ensure they remain consistent throughout the portrait.
  • ​Make sure the hair doesn't  end up being the worst part of your portrait  by getting the correct values BEFORE worrying about texture.
One thing I've learned in teaching my Realistic Drawing Workshops is that many pencil artists don't have a comprehensive plan when it comes to drawing a portrait. They're unclear about where to start, what to do next, and most importantly, how to determine the values they should be putting down on the paper when they begin shading.

These concepts I'm talking about are completely separate from drawing techniques. What good is great technique if you don't know when or where to implement it.

Without a plan and system in place, many artists  spend hours working and overworking a drawing until it's a  muddy mess - with inconsistent shading on hopelessly damaged paper. Or, they end up with anemic, low contrast, feeble attempts that reveal to everyone that you're afraid of making a mistake.

This guide will eliminate that problem.

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